Whodunit questions who it is?


MaigretFantasia Film Festival North America premieres this French-Belgian crime drama. The story takes place in Paris 1950s. A young woman rents an elegant dress and attends a party. She is soon dead before the party ends. A new type of murder mystery is solved when the detective named after her takes control. 

It’s a setup that is common in this genre. More details will be revealed as they become available. MaigretThis makes it even more common. The victim wore a dress that was beyond her means, which is why no one knows much about her. At first, it appears that it will be a typical detective story. 

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Director Patrice leconte tells an entirely different story by using tropes. The mysterious dead woman isn’t used as a means to an ending. MaigretIt is about the victim more than the crime itself. This is a new vision and takes some time to get used to. This isn’t a story about finding the culprit by putting together clues; it asks who, instead of why. 

This makes it easier to make a personal film. Motive is an important component of MaigretBut everything is centered on the girl. What follows is more dramatic and less boisterous. Similar stories use red herrings to lead the audience. This is a linear trail, but it is equally engaging and more emotional. 

[Fantasia '22] 'Maigret' review: Whodunit asks who is it?

The book will satisfy those who are looking for old-fashioned mystery. Although the plot is less complex and has fewer twists, it’s just as intense. MaigretIts story of broken dreams and lost innocence will appeal to many. But it is essential to reset your expectations. This is more evident than in the ending, which attempts to be more meaningful by removing the usual drama flair.

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