Why Ichigo Kurosaki Was So Often a Jerk

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Titekubo’s hit series Bleach Stars Ichigo Kurosaki the revered shonen hero Ichigo Kurosaki. He is a punkish highschool student turned hero and comes with his own Soul Reaper powers, as well as Zangetsu, a black Zanzpakuto. Although Ichigo is considered one of the greatest shonen heroes, he’s quite different from his peers such as Monkey D. Luffy or Naruto Umaki.

Shonen heroes often adopt the same pattern, usually following Goku’s lead. Dragon Ball. These heroes are known as the “himbo” type. They are strong-willed, lovable fighters who don’t have the same bright outlook. BleachWith his no-nonsense, tsundere attitude, Ichigo seems almost to be following the Jotaro Kujo example. Ichigo is, in fact, a complete jerk compared with Naruto, Luffy, and especially Tanjiro, or Deku — but there are valid reasons.

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How Ichigo Kurosaki’s Childhood Trauma Changed Him Forever

Ichigo Kurosaki portrays himself as a punkish Tsundere BleachYusuke Urameshi acting somewhat like him. Yu Yu Hakusho Fame without a lot of Jotaro. It’s clear to see why Ichigo got this attitude from the universe; it all goes back to his mother Masaki, one the last pure-blooded Quincys in the world.

Ichigo, a young boy, was cheerful and happy. His mother was close to him. Tatsuki, Ichigo’s friend, noticed that Ichigo would smile even when he was crying, and his expression would lighten up whenever his mother arrived. Although he was often pummeled in the dojo where Tatsuki and he trained, all was right again when Masaki arrived. This family was close to their mother and son bond, and Ichigo’s life was forever changed by the loss.

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When Grand Fisher killed Masaki on a rainy afternoon, Ichigo became an unhappy, withdrawn child who rejected everyone around. In his grief, he would sometimes skip school to walk along the riverbank that his mother had drowned. Perhaps Ichigo’s grief wasn’t fully resolved by the time that he started high school. He was a punk at the time who was quick to get angry and fight faster than anyone else.

Ichigo was distant from his family members and had few friends. He instead tried to project a tough, cool-guy air in order to conceal his grief and insecurity. This effort continued well into the future. Bleach. Ichigo’s negative attitude is evidently a way to cope with long-term grief. Not even his friends Rukia, Chad, Uryu and Orihime could stop him from doing this. At least not at first.

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How Ichigo Discovered Something New To Protect

Ichigo still has a hard time with the topic of his mother’s death many years later. BleachRukia made a snide comment about the dead when he was making a joke, and when villains Aizen Suke and king Yhwach spoke of Masaki. Ichigo can only feel the worst when he is alone. However, he is still a shonen hero deep down and his grief is not the end. Only His behavior is influenced by these factors. As Bleach As time went on, Ichigo was able to let go of the past and embrace the future with his friends. He was able to overcome his grief slowly but surely.

Slowly, Ichigo lost his delinquent grouchiness and became a cheerful, carefree family man, with his young son Kazui. Ichigo used to enjoy kicking strangers and clashing with his father. Being surrounded by good friends who could fight for him brought out his best qualities and helped him mature. Although he did sometimes clash with them, it was just a sign of how much they understood one another and cared about each other, as Rukia and Ichigo’s strong onscreen chemistry showed. He is not at his most powerful when he is fighting for his friend or beating up the punks.

Despite his bad temper and bad attitude, Ichigo has never lost his deep-seated desire for peace and to protect those he loves. Ichigo was a strong example of how love triumphs over fear and anger. His attitude was only a noxious coping mechanism, which obscured but never suffocated his true shonen heart. Ichigo was able to process his grief and find new causes for his pain. All that remained was his desire to make others smile, and to do good. Ichigo was able to find the strength to move forward and forget the past with his intangible heart.

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