Why it makes sense that Naruto wears bright orange (despite being a Ninja).

Why It Makes Sense Naruto Wears Bright Orange (Despite Being A Ninja)

Although Naruto’s orange clothing seems to be against the purpose of being a ninja and is not his intended purpose, they have a hidden meaning that connects him with his past.

Naruto’s brightly colored orange clothes negate the purpose and intent of his ninja-training in the NarutoThere’s a hidden meaning to anime. It’s strange that so many experts are interested in anime. Naruto ninjas choose to wear bright colors, it’s no secret that most characters in anime tend to have extravagant designs and a flashy color scheme, which helps them stand out at first sight. Such is the case with Naruto Uzumaki, who sports yellow hair, big whisker-like marks on his face, and a bright orange jumpsuit that complements his happy personality.

The color orange is often associated with happiness and high energy, hence why it’s used for lively characters all over fiction, from Crash BandicootTo be the titular character Winnie the Pooh‘s Tigger. This also happens in anime with characters such as Sailor MoonThe Sailor Venus of’s Sailors Dragon Ball ZGoku and’s Goku are both well-known for their happy-go lucky attitude. Orange is usually depicted as the opposite of blue, which is reserved for more collected characters. Therefore, Goku clashes with the blue-clad Vegeta, and Naruto clashes with his blue-clad Naruto rival Sasuke.


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Beyond its basic meaning, the color orange defined Naruto since he was little. Naruto was always looking for people who like him. He also had deep insecurity that led him try to steal the spotlight every chance he got. His bright orange jumpsuit coincided with his antics, and even after raising through the ranks as a ninja, Naruto still wanted to express his personality. Soon enough, all of Konoha was familiar with the sight of a flash of orange lightning. This is actually very similar to the events that took place with his parents Kushina Uzumaki, and the Hokage Minato Naikaze.

How Naruto’s Bright Orange Dress Pays Tribute to His Parents

Minato the Yellow Flash and Kushina Uzumaki in Naruto

Before Naruto was born, his father – and the third Hokage – Minato Namikaze was known for his mastery over the Flying Thunder God technique, which allowed him to teleport at incredibly high speeds. Coupled with his bright yellow hair, Minato’s abilities made him look like a flash of yellow lightning, earning him the moniker of “Konoha’s Yellow Flash”. Minato was also drawn to Kushina’s intensely red hair, which had earned her the nickname “Tomato”. Bothered by the nickname, Kushina lashed out against those who mocked her, but her rage, in turn, earned her a new moniker: “the Red Hot-Blooded Habanero”. Naruto’s decision to wear orange – which can be made by mixing these colors – either consciously or subconsciously honors his heritage.

Orange also represents Kurama, the Nine-Tails Demon Fox, known for its orange fur and the orange chakra it grants Naruto when he taps into it. Kurama killed Minato and caused Kushina and Naruto a great deal of pain, but it was also a constant source of power that shaped their lives, and influenced Naruto in many ways – most notably via his face markings, but this could have easily also carried to other elements of his appearance. Of course, the most simple explanation is that orange helps Naruto stand out, but NarutoIt is common for visual meanings to have more than one meaning. Therefore, it makes sense that the design of its titular character has multiple levels.

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