Will Urushi Allow Her Heart to Open? Release Date

Will Urushi Open Her Heart? Release Date


Fans are up for some loving moments in this week’s outing. Fans will be surprised to hear that Urushi will be moving toward Ayumu’s in Episode 5. So far, Ayumu is trying to win the Shogi game by telling Urushi his feelings. Now, the jealousy factor will make things move fast. Will Ayumu tell the truth? Anything could happen at any moment. This is all you need to know about the next outing.

Ayumu will now be jealous in the fifth episode and make a challenge out of this emotion. He may praise Urushi which would be flattering for her. Soon, they will be celebrating the big day, making them both uncomfortable. You will find all the answers you seek in the following subheads.

When Will Ayumu Make His Move Episode 5

Episode 5: When will Ayumu make his move Episode 5: What’s next?

In this week’s episode, Ayumu and Urushi will go to the shrine together. Urushi will be upset because he got bad luck. Ayumu will comfort Urushi and tell her that he has great luck. Ayumu assures her that she will be granted her wishes. Maki arrives and takes Urushi along to meet Tanaka Kun. This upsets Ayumu. Without a second thought, Maki calls her beautiful and then they will take her to Tanaka Kun to fulfill her wish.

Soon, the time will be gone. It will be Valentine’s Day. Urushi will be overjoyed and bring Ayumu some chocolate. She will practice before she gives it to him. She will be ready to tell him it is friendly chocolate. Things will get out of control when Ayumu arrives. Urushi will also be nervous because he is nervous. She will still give him chocolate, but things will get messy between them.

When Will Ayumu Make His Move Episode 5

Here’s a quick recap!

Previously in When Will Ayumu Make His Move Episode 4, Ayumu overreacted after Urushi’s prank didn’t go well, leaving her shaken. He placed her in a box after she complained of feeling cold. Urushi discovered a DVD player while they were cleaning out the clubroom. Ayumu asked her if he had any DVDs. Urushi thought it might be an adult film. However, he tried to hide the fact and Urushi was relieved to find that it was actually a horror movie. Urushi eventually agreed to a match with fewer parts.

Ayumu had the perfect opportunity to beat her. However, before they could begin the match, a teacher arrived. Takeru took Sakurako to school and they agreed to spend Christmas together. Ayumu later told Urushi that his goal was to beat her in fair play and wished her a happy new year. Ayumu was unhappy that he did not ask her out. On New Year’s Day, Maki ran into Ayumu, leaving Urushi alone. Soon, he asked her if she would like to spend Christmas with his family. The couple were blessed with good fortune. Urushi said that she wanted their club to be officially recognized, and Ayumu said that she wanted her wish to come true.

When Will Ayumu Make His Move Episode 5

Episode 5: When will Ayumu make his move Episode 5: Release Date

When Will Ayumu Make His Move Episode 5, titled “Motto Shiritainode,” will air on August 5, 2022. It will air on Japanese local networks like BS-TBS or TBS. Crunchyroll will stream the episode for international viewers. The upcoming episode will see Ayumu finally revealing his feelings towards Urushi. Will she accept it? Stay tuned for more updates from The Anime Daily.


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