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COMIC BOOKS: X Lives of Wolverine | X Deaths of Wolverine | News

Marvel Comics held a full-blown Wolverine show earlier this year.

Marvel published alternating titles of the “X Lives of Wolverine,” and “X Deaths of Wolverine” over a number of weeks. The mini-series consisted of 10 issues and was written by Benjamin Percy (Wolverine) with art by Federico Vincentini and Joshua Cassara. 

Omega Red is attempting to stop Charles Xavier from ever being born by skipping time. Given Xavier’s role as an indispensable founder of the mutant nation of Krakoa, Omega Red’s backers believe killing Xavier or stopping his existence in the past will keep the mutant nation from ever being founded.

Given his ferocity, his healing factor and the longevity of Wolverine’s life – he was born sometime back in the 1800s, he is considered the best candidate to foil Omega Red’s mission.

The modern Wolverine’s brain enters his body at the chosen time, while Omega Red’s mind and powers leap from person to person in each era. The storyline opens with Wolverine thwarting Omega Red killing the newly born Charles Xavier by possessing the Xaviers’ gardener and midwife. They continue to jump from Xavier and Xavier to Xavier, as Omega Red tries to kill Charles Xavier’s grandparents, parents, and grandparents.

Wolverine moves from one time to the next: Weapon X, a wild teenager who has bone claws, instead of later adamantium ones; his time in Japan; various wars throughout history; a part of a military strikeforce, etc. Even the future tech Wolverine and his children are involved in the hunt.

For the full enjoyment of this mini-series, you will need to have a working knowledge about Wolverine’s past. Knowledge of recent events in the other Marvel mutant “X” books is also essential – without it, the Moira MacTaggert part of the mini-series will make little sense.

In the years that followed, Wolverine was overused by Marvel. His tagline of being the best at what he does began to seem like being in every Marvel book or the focal point of every “X” story – comics or movies – was what he did best.

Marvel dropped his “death” role to focus on more deserving characters after his return in 2003. “X Lives of Wolverine – X Deaths of Wolverine”, however, is a worthy comeback to the center stage.| X Deaths of Wolverine” is a worthy return to center stage.


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