X-Men ’97 First Look Set for Comic-Con 2022

X-Men '97 First Look Set for Comic-Con 2022

Comic-Con 2022 is the second day. Fans will get their first glimpse of the Disney+ animated series. X-Men ’97. The revival of Disney+ Day’s fan-favorite show was announced for the first time in November. X-Men: The Animated Series. The new X-Men animated show will pick up after the original ended, coincidentally in September 1997. It’s currently the first official. X-MenMarvel Studios has acquired 20th Century Fox rights and the rights for the project. X-Men, Fantastic FourAnd Deadpool. One of the creative team members is now hyping up this first look.

Beau DeMayo, executive producer X-Men ’97Commenting on a tweet that discussed the Comic-Con exclusive look,, DeMayo posted on Twitter, “You’re definitely gonna want to attend.” The panel will feature Brad Winderbaum, the head of streaming, animation and television at Marvel Studios. It will also unveil the first glimpse of the Marvel Studios Studios. Spider-Man Freshman Year. The animated series is set before Tom Holland’s Peter Parker debuts in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Captain America Civil War.

The final episode X-Men: The Animated SeriesProfessor Charles Xavier was seriously injured by Henry Peter Gyrich’s attack on him. Xavier is forced to accept Princess Lilandra’s offer to leave Earth to join the Shi’ar Empire as his only chance of survival. Magneto, Xavier’s best friend and rival, is joined by the X-Men as they say goodbye to their leader in his final moments on this planet.

Cal Dodd will be returning as a cast member along with Lenore Zn, George Buza and Adrian Hough. Jennifer Hale and Anniwaa buachie will be joined by Ray Chase, Matthew Waterson (JP Karliak), Holly Chou, Jeff Bennett and AJ LoCascio. Beau DeMayo is the series’ executive producer and head writer. Charley Feldman, supervising producer, and Jake Castorena are the directors.

Brad Winderbaum, Head, Streaming, Television and Animation, Marvel Studios, said that this is the first X-Men-related title to be produced by Marvel Studios. Marvel’s Week podcast. “What a wonderful first step to reintroduce audiences the X-Men with a glimpse at one of most pinnacle eras in the X-Men Comics, the ’90s. The iconic style has its roots in Chris Claremont. It is also celebrated in Jim Lee. The Animated Series. As we have met so many filmmakers over the years to pitch their projects, we keep coming back to the same thing: X-Men: The Animated Series.”

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