X-Men 97 Reveals a New Team

X-Men '97 Reveals New Team

Marvel Studios held their first animation panel today at San Diego Comic-Con. They showed off some cool first looks at their future projects and gave us a chance to see them. We were able to view the trailer. I Am GrootA first glimpse at the future Spider-Man Freshman Year, as well as a first glimpse at the animated series rebooted X-Men. X-Men ’97This series will be very different following the events of the first series. Magneto is now leading the X-Men. The original team remains attached to Magneto, but there are also new recruits. Cable, Bishop Sunspot Nightcrawler Morph, Nightcrawler, Sunspot and Bishop were all revealed during the panel. This looks to be a new series.

Along with Emma Frost, Sebastian Shaw, and Calypso, the series will also feature Mr. Sinister. X-Men ’97It will debut sometime in 2023. The second season has been already approved. Check out the first look at X-Men 1997 below!

After the Disney+ Day announcement last January, Brad Winderbaum, Head, Streaming, Television and Animation at Marvel Studios, stated that this is the first X-Men book produced by Marvel Studios. It was an incredible first step in introducing audiences to the X-Men. We also took a look at the ’90s, one of the most important eras in X-Men comics. The iconic style, which has its roots in Chris Claremont is also celebrated in Jim Lee and The Animated Series. As we have met so many filmmakers over the years to pitch various projects, we keep coming back to the same theme: X-Men Animated Series.” 

“The original X-Men, as an animated series, was the forerunner of some incredible action series,” Dana Vasquez-Eberhardt at Marvel Studios, VP Animation. “Everyone is making.” X-Men ’97Top-down, a fan. This project was a natural progression of our instinctual understanding. To move this series forward, to pick up the baton, not only to keep pace but also to elevate. This is the responsibility.

Beau DeMayo will be the executive producer and head writer of X-Men ’97. Jake Castorena was appointed supervising director, and Charley Feldman is the supervising producer. Original X-Men Animated SeriesThe new series will have Eric and Julia Lewald as producers, showrunners, and Larry Houston as director. 

X-Men ’97In fall 2023, Disney+ will be the exclusive streaming platform.

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