Yamori’s Much-Needed Retreat! Release Date

Yamori's Much-Needed Retreat! Release Date


In the latest episodes of this anime, Yamori is in trouble. Call Of The Night Episode 5 will see the mc in even more trouble. He feels that Nazuna is helping and he has strong desire to be a vampire. But, he will be able to see the depth of his feelings for Nazuna’s. He was now to resolve his feelings. He can do it. It remains to be seen. However, it is sure that watching them navigate this situation will be exciting.

In the fifth episode Yamori will feel something for Nazuna. It will make it difficult for him. He will hide it from her. But she will learn it and will speak with Yamori. Does she feel the same? These subheads will answer all of your questions.

Call Of The Night Episode 5

Call Of The Night Episode 5, What Will Happen Next?

The next storyline sees Yamori, Nazuna and their trip to the public bathhouse. Yamori will finally feel refreshed after the long wait. He will have mixed feelings about Nazuna. Although he enjoys drinking her blood and the sensation of being blood sucked, his heart starts pounding every time he sees her. Yamori’s mixed feelings will start making things difficult. He will remember their kisses and the feelings he had at that moment.

He will ask Nazuna if she would like to eat some of his blood to make it easier. He was almost ready to call her when she confirmed that she was hungry. He will feel tired after that and will ask her to take a break. They will then head to a hotel, where Nazuna will confront them. She will tell him that she can read his emotions by simply sucking his blood. She found it a bit confusing and emotional, which she enjoyed. She wants to feel all of his emotions. They will finally get to work on Yamori.

Call Of The Night Episode 5

Here is a Quick Recap

In Call Of The Night Episode 4, Yamori had previously pondered what happened after he saw a couple kissing near him. He began to believe that he had fallen for Nazuna. He was found by her and she began to drink his blood. But he didn’t transform. Nazuna explained later that he had misunderstood love and lust. They later revealed that it was their first kiss, making Nazuna believe they could kiss each other. The following night, Yamori asked Akira to join him at Nazuna’s apartment. They played videogames together and Nazuna kissed the winner.

An agitated Akira learned about Nazuna and Yamori’s kiss and talked out with him that he couldn’t fall in love with a vampire. But Nazuna explained that he didn’t like her yet. Akira felt strange about the fact that they had sat down together in a dating sim. Nazuna explained everything to her and Yamori shared how he could transform into a vampire after falling for Nazuna. Akira said to Nazuna, after Nazuna fell asleep that they could be best friends and would continue trying to get him back to school.

Call Of The Night Episode 5

Call Of The Night Episode 5, Release Date

Call Of The Night Episode 5 airs on Thursday, August 4, 2022. It will be available to stream on Fuji TV’s Noitamina programming block. It can also be streamed on Crunchyroll. This outing will explore Yamori’s feelings for Nazuna and how he will deal with it. Keep an eye on The Anime Daily for all your daily anime updates.


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