Yu Yu Hakusho’s Anime Omitted Yusuke’s Spirit Adventures


Avid enthusiasts Yu Yu Hakusho You will be aware that Yoshihiro Togashi, the creator of the series, initially wanted it to follow Yusuke throughout his time as a ghost and then have him revived at its end. However, this is not the final route. Yusuke’s time in the afterlife felt very short with only four to five episodes. This time in the manga was longer, and Yusuke had many adventures while he was a spirit.

Volume 1 of The Yu Yu HakushoThe manga follows the same rhythms as anime. Yusuke is saved from being struck by a car. He meets Botan, Koenma and can tell Keiko to wait through Kuwabara. The story begins to diverge and Yusuke starts meeting people, living and deceased.

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The Yu Yu Hakusho manga. Yusuke’s first encounter with a spirit is when Botan and Shota see a young boy named Shota, who is crying over the death of his dog. Jiro is Shota’s only friend and Shota is bullied at school. The dog is reluctant to let him go. Shota cannot get home because Jiro is too sick to be there, but Shota’s spirit lives on. Yusuke enters Jiro’s dreams to pretend to be a villain, taking Jiro to Hell. Shota kicks Yusuke in a fit and is “defeated.” Botan appears and tells Jiro that he will live in Heaven peacefully.

The second story takes place at Christmastime. Botan and Yusuke are gazing at a large Christmas tree, when Botan senses the energy of a spirit who can’t move forward. Botan and Yusuke see the spirit of a young girl sitting on a bench waiting for someone. She tells them that she is waiting for her boyfriend Kenji who she had planned on meeting the previous Christmas. Unfortunately, she became ill and died before she could share her story with him. They wait to see whether he shows up, the young woman explaining to Yusuke that Kenji is always late for their meetings.

Kenji suddenly appears, surprising everyone, and he approaches the bench where they are sitting. Only to find another woman. He then begins mocking the spirit and says how he had made a bet with a friend for ¥10,000 (about $100 USD) that she would wait five hours for him. Yusuke, angered by all the events, takes the spirit on an adventure around the town. Yusuke finally allows her to go to the afterlife. Botan watches in amusement as he terrorizes Kenji’s apartment.

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They help an old man pretending to be his grandson and then Yusuke, Botan and Shota check on Shota. But they discover that Shota’s spirit, Sayaka, has attached itself to him. She pulls his spirit from his body every night to play. Sayaka appears in the anime. However, she works in Spirit World. Sayaka, who died young of illness, never had the chance to play with other children and lived a lonely and short life. Even if Shota is killed, she wants Shota to be her playmate. Botan and Yusuke manage to stop Sayaka’s murder of Shota. However, she decides that she will continue to play with them before she leaves.

This leads to the next story. Sayaka points out Eri, a little girl who is about die. As they stare on, Eri is tricked by a truck driver into running in front of her. As Katsumi calls Eri out, her friend Katsumi makes sure that the truck does not miss her. They have been close friends their whole lives, but they are now vying to get a scholarship at a prestigious prep school. It seems that the spirit of a former student who took his own life is what caused this. Katsumi, a girl who summoned the spirit of a former student who ended his own life, is fighting for Eri’s scholarship. Katsumi has been bitterly competing for years.

Katsumi overhears Eri speaking so positively of her, it makes her regret her curse and she tears it up. Although the boy’s spirit is strong, Eri tries to pull Eri in front a train. Everyone rushes towards Eri to help her, but they face an overwhelming mixture of hatred and malice. Katsumi manages to overcome her emotions and the two of them reconcile, ending their curse. Yu Yu HakushoThe manga also has a story about a former classmate, who dreams of becoming a boxer. However, the manga continues as usual.

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