Yuuri’s Story More Tragic Than Comedic

Yuuri suspicious face

The brand-new anime is in full swing for the Summer 2022 season. The Maid I Hired Recently is Mysterious Finally, he joined a already-blendering line-up. This is the story of Yuuri, a lonely heir, and Lilith, his mysterious new maid. Yuuri doesn’t know where to begin with Lilith.

So far Maid is MysteriousThis is shaping up as a charming, G-rated romantic comedy between a lonely boy, and his beautiful new maid. However, the premiere suggests that Yuuri may be his worst enemy. It’s not Lilith’s mysterious nature that is the problem, but Yuuri’s wild imagination which often takes over.

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The The Maid I Just Hired is MysteriousIn the premiere episode, Yuuri is a lonely boy who decides to run his parents’ small estate alone. Although he believes he can handle the chores by himself, his determination is admirable. Yuuri is a strong-willed, proactive boy. However, he can only do so much in the house on his own. Lucky for Yuuri, Lilith, the mysterious maid, appears soon and offers to help him for free. While it is a good arrangement, Yuuri is very cautious around his maid. He doesn’t believe she is helpful, and he will not accept any of her statements or actions at face value.

Yuuri follows Lilith around in search of clues about her motives and origins. He also allows his imagination to take over to fill in the gaps. Yuuri can’t handle tension or mysteries and being around this mysterious maid makes him panic. His wild imagination is fuelled by this mysterious maid. Yuuri imagines Lilith being a wicked witch who creates love potions. He believes Lilith is a wizard who can clean his tiny mansion with ease.

Although there is no evidence that Lilith has any supernatural abilities, Yuuri continues to imagine it and Lilith finds it hilarious. Although she takes pride in her work, Yuuri can play pretend to explain her advanced abilities. Yuuri might think she’s insulting Lilith when she suggests that this kind of work can only be achieved without magic. However, she doesn’t mind it. Maybe she sees it as a compliment, and is happy to let Yuuri do whatever he wishes.

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Yuuri’s active imagination can lead to all sorts of funny hijinks. Yuuri may think Lilith has slipped him a love potion in his soup, or that she cast spells to clean her house. Although it’s harmless fun, there could be more to the story. It appears. Mysterious Maid I Just HiredThe central premise of’s central proposition isn’t just a gimmick. It’s an insight into Yuuri’s mental state and it’s grim. Yuuri is clearly worse off than his vaguely tsundere personality suggests.

Yuuri’s imaginative abilities suggest that he is a creative child, but not for the best reasons. His grief over the recent death of his parents in a car accident has left him feeling lonely. He is too proud to take Lilith’s advice at face value and is trying too hard to prove his worth as the new head household. Yuuri’s wild imagination, and his fear of everything around her, suggests that he doesn’t want to live alone. He may enjoy Lilith, but it’s possible he is more comfortable with Lilith around than he realizes.

Side note: Yuuri might be prone to having unreliable narrators, as Lilith isn’t quick to correct him. His creative imagination often inspires her, which can lead to amusing misunderstandings and even tragic outcomes. Yuuri still has a lot of work ahead of him, and his mind is his greatest enemy.

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